Jan 13, 2013

Le Bot 5.8

Yeah people, finally, after all the new version is here, inacluding the mandatory bug fixes, the re-addition of the Skill Editor and a new technology I've decided to call 'AutoRanker'.
What is it?
It is, in fact, the ultimate class ranking aid. When you run the Undead Pirates/timeportal bot, it will actually detect the classes n your back pack, and the class you're using. If i's not on rank 10, it will start botting until it reaches rank 10.  After that, it will switch to the next class and chack if it's rank 10, and it will repeat this for all of your classes.
and... go download it!!!!

Click to Download


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to make quest juggernaut items of nulgath becose you need undefined 13 and its not easy to get.

Anonymous said...

Because sry for spelling

Anonymous said...

And one last thing, why do you have to have at least 1 bank slot to get boosts?

thomas provost said...

yes can you please make a quest of juggernaut I really want it...

Anonymous said...

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darfi sultoni said...

it work like this :
1. get 1 boost
2. put that boost to your bank (need 1 slot free)
3. drop 1 more boost
4. put boost on your bank back to your bag
5. get that dropped boost on step 3
6. reply step 1
7. reply step 2
8. .....


darfi sultoni said...

you can do mana golem bot to get the requirtments and load this code to turn in your juggernaut --> 837