May 31, 2014

Defeat the Dragon Quest Bot

here, i share a bot to get sources for Razorclaw Merge Shop

anything that you need to run this bot :
- Dragonslayer (Class) Rank 1 or more
- Dark Mystic 4.0

Quest ID List | Update 31 May 2014

Hello again my bro :)
now i will share to you the newest Quest ID List on 31th May 2014
may be you will ask it, "why dont you share Shop ID List too?"
i think AE just fix the system, and you will get ban from AE when you load a Shop

and here we go, just click the button :)

"Crystallized Chaos" Bot for Non Legend / Legend

Hi my bro :)
today i want to share my Crystallized Chaos Bot for you
you can use it even if you are not a legend.

anything that you need to run this bot :
- Complete "Face the Hamster" Quest
- Dark Mystic 4.0

May 30, 2014

Dark Mystic 4.0 ( New Release )

here your dark mystic 4.0 :)

Carbon AQW Bot (New)

James doesn't update Le Bot for a long time, so i share the other Bot.

i have 3 version of this bot for now, you can download it here :

Mar 17, 2014

Le Bot 8.4

New release!!! Le Bot 8.4

What new ?
  • Boost options removed;
  • Slight changes in Bot Manager.

Nov 4, 2013

Le Bot 8.1

New update!!! Le Bot 8.1

What new ?
  • Bots are now in alphabetical order
  • Etherstorm bot remade;
  • Move to Cell bug fixed (Bot Manager);
  • More interface changes;
  • Random bugfixes.

Nov 3, 2013

Oct 23, 2013

Sorry... for the file is cant downloaded.

it's because i forgot to change the stat of the file into "Public on the Web" from "Private"

thanks for read :)